Six SEO Services That Rock!

So, to kick this off, we wanted to show you six ways SEO services are awesome! These work for you if your in Memphis or any other location.

Why you should use SEO instead of PPC

The pay-per click model is great for people who are selling globally to an audience that has shown that they will spontaneously click on an ad. It is also great for people who have absolutely nothing to sell of their own but will buy into hosting ads for others for a slim profit. What makes PPC work at all is good SEO. If SEO is so essential to its success, it stands to reason that you should just drop the PPC approach and go for SEO.

Why SEO is better than paid advertising for a business, long term?

Search engine optimization is an online marketing strategy that should be used for long term consistent growth. Search engines rule the Internet and the more they like you, the more people will see you. Even their own PPC ads aren’t great revenue generators for the big engine companies, so why put your marketing dollars towards a method that doesn’t give much return in the long run? Go here though, if you really want to learn why PPC and SEO could work together well.

What should you look for in an SEO service?

When you are looking at SEO services you want to find someone with experience and knowledge of the field that is current. If all they do is talk keywords, run away. Their initial presentation should include multiple approaches such as keywords, landing pages, content and so on. SEO is a web of actions with one goal, get viable traffic to your site.

Nothing is as good as the analysis

SEO analysis is almost more important than the initial SEO setup. The analysis comes from companies like memphis seo experts or consultants to look at how your page and site are performing. With PPC, there isn’t much to work with and you don’t get as much control over changing the strategy once it is under way. Another downfall of PPC is that you don’t have control over the SEO of the sites your ad lands on.

If you want to learn about other types of marketing services, check this out!

Forming a strategy

To have good SEO you have to first have an SEO strategy. Many companies try to do their own SEO by just identifying keywords. There is much more involved than that. When you work with quality SEO firm services you will immediately see the difference. To them, the keyword is only as strong as its implementation and its reporting value. Just buying a hot keyword isn’t going to deliver success, you need to identify the intent keywords that drive your customers.

Establishing communication

One of the signs of quality SEO firm services is they place a priority on establishing a pattern or communication with you. Unlike paid advertising, where you just get a report at the end of a payment cycle, SEO requires a constant fluid interaction. Even if you have an SEO service agency doing the work for you, there should be consistent communication between the two of you about the direction of the strategy. They should also be responsive to your input and ideas. Your position as the customer who knows your business inside and out should be valued by the SEO company you work with in creating the strategy.